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Power Brows of 2014

Now in the fashion Industry, when we think of iconic eyebrows, the one name that will always pop up is the stunning Cara Delevingne! Her dark sculpted brows have become idolised by girls, designers and makeup artists everywhere! I mean who doesn't love them! They are one of the hottest trends seen in all of the Fashion shows this year! It has now become easier than ever to create them more and more eyebrow stencils are being created, making it so much easier for those who find drawing them challenging (I certainly did), it allows you to get flawless looking brows in no time!

Here are some of the top Brow kits and stencils out there right now!

1- Anastasia 5- Element Brow kit (it comes with 5 stencils, tweezers, brow powder, mini duo brush tool w. angled brush and brow mascara wand and finally with her great clear brow gel (big <3)- it costs roughly £50

2. Elf essential Eyebrow collection ( comes with reusable stencils, eyebrow brush, eyebrow setting mascara and eyebrow powder) roughly $5

3- Two faced Brow envy (includes brow pencil, tweezers, brow powders, brows brushes and brow stencils) roughly £25

4- Benefit Brows A-Go-Go (include brow powders, brow wax, eyeliner, brow highlight, tweezers and duo brush) its also great because its a very compact kit, great for travel! £29

5- Collection Work the Colour Eyebrow kit (If you're on more of a budget and/or only need the brow powder and clear brow gel its a great little kit with 3 brow colours) only £4.

Now for some top tips on doing your Brows:

1-The shape: Now before you start plucking read this and follow to get a great brow shape- The inner part of your eyebrow should line up with the outside of the nostril (on the same side). The arch (highest point) should be at the outer corner of your Iris (the coloured bit of your eye). Finally the brow should taper down into a point that corresponds with the outer nostril and outer corner of the eye. (to test all of this use a makeup brush/pen/pencil)

But Please Please Please remeber to bare in mind what you naturally have, please don't over pluck your eyebrows as it will leave you less to work with, better to have more of something than less of it!

2-Filling in the Brows: for this you can either use your natural brow colour or if you want to make them stand out (say if they were to be the main element of your makeup) use a colour that is one shade lighter. Now using either a small angled brush (for powder) or an eyebrow pencil brush the colour up in short strokes, not along the brow, you want the look to be natural so you have to imitate the natural hairs, therefore no straight horizontal lines the purpose of filling out your brows is to create a full natural look that isn't too done/ drawn on!

3- Setting- Finally I suggest you set your brows with brow gel or wax or even hairspray, this means your creations will stay in place and look beautiful all day! If you want to add a bit more oomph try highlighting under the arch of your brow with a light colour to really accentuate them!

Well my lovlies I hope this helps, get on those brows, and release your inner Cara!

Stay gorgeous x

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