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The Purple Haze

Purple is in people! And we are seeing it everywhere! This is definitely one of the new colours of the season, be it from the deep dark purple seen in the Vera Wang spring/summer 2015 collection, to the sweet lilac done by Derek Lamb to the stark 70;s violet shown at Sally Lapointe. Want to include this in your makeup repetoir? Do it, the easiest and trendiest way at the moment is using it as eyeshadow, maybe a dark smokey eye, or maybe a simple wash of lavender over the eye lid with dark purple eyeliner, you decide, create away, make it your own! But if you are feeling a bit more daring why not try as a slight wash on your lips? On a night out go for and eyeliner flick, pair of fake lashes and a stunning pair of dark purple lips! Absolute knock out! Or to add a pop of colour to your everyday look, add a light lipstick with a hint of lilac or lavender in it! It doesn't matter where you use it (ombre your hair with it), or how you use it, but purple is one of the new in things, try it out, be daring! Why not tell me what works? where and how you use it!

Stay gorgeous x

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