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The Blossoming of Natural Beauty! As seen in the top shows Fall 2014

Now that the fashion shows are over, the make up community is buzzing over the lastest trends seen on the run way, some of them were quite shocking, take Vivienne Westwoods ready to wear show featuring makeup that could not quite be described as beautiful, but it couldn't be described as ugly either, she is known for her out there,crazy makeup in her shows but she somehow makes it work, possibly balances it out with the gorgeous clothes that she makes. What is very similar to last years shows is the natural beauty element, and how great is that! Nowadays people keep covering their faces with all that heavy makeup, take a tip from the top makeup artists, you are all beautiful and you don't need it! Tone it down, I dare you, you may surprise yourself with how much you like it!

This year we saw a lot of plain, yet beautiul faces, in some of the top fashion designers shows, the looks co-ordinated by those genius pro makeup artist backstage, these simple looks when paired with all of the couture gowns gave a stunning effect. Look at the Marc Jacobs show, with the brilliant makeup artist (who I absolutely adore) Francois Nars, who is a genius when it comes to putting on makeup, who opted instead to carryon this natural beauty trend to a whole new level, he simply applied moisturiser to the faces of the models and that was it! How brilliant is that! Yet such a daring move worked so well with all of the glory that is Marc Jacobs! Another show that very similarily featured this 'Transparent Beauty' look was Micheal Kors, with lead makeup artist Dick Page. This year the clothes featured in the Micheal Kors show were described as 'Optimistic Chic' or 'a glamorous ode to summer romance', the makeup had to similarily reflect this summery sexy look. The models had bronzer on the face to give then that summer glow and radiance this paired with a nude eye that had almost a wet look that really made the eyes stand out, similarily the lips were given the tiniest amount of gloss, to give them a slight sheen completed the look the finished product, combined with the low loose braid created by lead Hair stylist Orlando Pita and matte nude nails created by Jin Soo-lead Nail artist, wonderfully complemented the rich clothing patterns seen in the clothing! You see now that natural beauty is still very in, very fashionable, and utterly fab! so bin the fake eyelashes and the heavy eyeliner, go for natural colours, soft browns, nudes and neutrals. Do your makeup to enhance your beauty, not conceal it! Trust me when I say this it makes life much easier, no longer spending hours to put your makeup on, its quick relatively easy and gives you lots more free time! You are beautiful! Now go show the world! x

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