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Favourite Brushes at the moment: Real techniques brushes

What can I say I simply cannot get enough of these brushes, when being used to apply makeup they give a great finish not to mention they come a long with tutorials as well! Now real Techniques were created by two sisters Sam and Nic Chapman, both of which are pro makeup artists as well as Youtube beauty guru's! I definitily recommend buying these brushes and then checking out their youtube videos, where they show you how to get the best out of your brush and creating different makeup looks all in an easy step by step guide! Now I am not going to say they are cheap, 4 brushes and the case/stand come to £21.50, however they are really good quality and if you are looking for brushes that will last you a while they are definitely worth the investment. This is why this brand is my product of the week, plus the brushes come in a snazzy carry case that also doubles as a stand! Genius, can't wait to see what they think up next!

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