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Lets get Baking

Ok, I promise this is makeup related! The newest trend hitting instagram and youtube by force is the technique of 'Baking your face'. The Kardashian trend that is catching on- want to know how to highlight your face while also creating flawless, creaseless undereye concealer? Well stay tuned!

NB- You can 'Bake' other areas as well, it just depends how highlighted you want to look- can be applied to chin or forehead as well!

Now as a Makeup Artist I get asked to do all sorts of makeup looks, many people asking 'Make me look like a Kim K!', now this isn't really possible as only Kim can look like herself, but this undereye baking and highlighting technique will make certain features more prominent but more importantly give you a flawless look! Exciting right!?

Right so How to time:

The 5 step baking technique for dummies...seriously its that easy!

Step 1: Apply your primer or moisturiser (if you use it) and then your foundation ( my fave is Mac moisture foundation in NC15)

Step 2: Apply your Concealer in a upside down triangle shape - the tip should be on your cheeks and you don't want to extent further than your cheekbones. (The concealer I use under my eyes is MAC studio finish concealer in NW20- it has a slight pink hue that works great at hiding the dark bags under my eyes!)

Step 3: BLEND Blend blend! I use a damp beauty blender and blend the concealer into my face, getting rid of any harshlines!

Step 4: Time to Bake baby! Get a loose powder, I usually use either a translucent powder or a slightly lighter face powder than my skin tone......I've also heard that the Laura Mercier Loose powder and Ben Nye Loose powder (espcially in Banana- it gives you a nice glow). Now to apply, you can use your damp beauty blender or a brush, anything that can pack it on top of the concealer really. Now dip your brush/beauty blender into the loose powder, tap off the excess and pack onto the areas you wish to 'Bake'. I know it will feel and look strange, just resist the urge to brush it off- finish the rest of your makeup, listen to music do whatever to pass the time. I usually leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 5: Get Brushing! Using a big fluffy brush, take away the excess powder and blend slightly to get rid of any harsh lines!

Et Voila! You are done! You managed it, give yourself a pat on the back!

Still confused? Here a video that shows you how to do it! Soon you'll be able to Bake your face like a Pro! x

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