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Trends for Winter 2015

Hey Makeup Lovers! Hows it all going?

Have you all started wrapping up warmer? Do you agree that its no longer ideal to be seated outside in a restaurant at night?

Yes I'm afraid our balmy summer weather has left us, although we do still get the occasional day of sunshine its not the same, I've found myself packing away my cute shorts and skirts and replacing them with big wooly jumpers and fleecy jackets! Its a sad time for those that love the heat, but this is the weather when I really thrive! Being of Scandinavian blood I feel like I'm more in my element in the cold, I really do hope it snows this year! There's nothingmore magical than snow covering the ground, A blank canvas if you will. Its the same for this winters makeup trends- and the three main ones that will get you spot on for the forthcoming winter.

-Red/Berry Lips- Although this may not exactly be a revolutionary new trend it is still quite different if you think about what it has been previously, all light washes, stains and glossy lips, compared to those it quite a contrast! So go out, Be Bold and work those red lips, find your favorite colour and brave this daringly bright colour!.......Not quite your thing? Well there is nothing wrong with toning it down- my choice for a toned down lip? Charlotte Tilbury's "Walk of Shame" Lipstick! It adds that wanted pop of colour, without being so in your face!

-Black Liner- Now some people may think thats pretty boring, Liners been in for ages, whats new? Well my loves I don't mean the standard, is it even, liner flicks that have been so popular for the past year, get the classic Marilyn picture out of your head! The newest liner revolution is for a more graphic look! Have you watched Rita Ora's music video poison? There are some perfect examples of graphic liner! Its very 60's I grant you but it looks amazing! Now thats a more extreme examply of the use of graphic liner looks, a more toned down look can be seen in this years big fashion shows- A simple smudged kohl liner look- very kate moss esq- or a double winged liner. Experiment my lovelies! If it doesn't work go back to the classic wing but we've all got the be a bit experimental every now and again!

-The Blush Revolution- PUT DOWN THE CONTOURING PALETTE and just walk away! Ok so the Kardashian Contour has turned into a massive thing this year- I've had loads of clients asking me to do that technique on them- Now my dears I'm going to give it to you straight, this obsession has been taken a bit out of hand! As Amy Schumer put in in her recent appearence in the Late night show - 'People that take the faces they were born with as a mere suggestion' Ok so maybe thats a bit harsh the Kardashian women are absolutley stunning, they also have professional makeup artists to make them look like that- Contouring is meant to simply accentuate your face, yes maybe you are adding some shadow where your cheekbones should be- if they're not that prominent- I will be the first to admit I will add a bit of shadow there- But i've found girls, that may not really know what they are doing are following those confusing pictures found on the internet on how to contour and following it to a T, instead of using their own face as a guide! This is why I like the newest trend hitting the winter shows, just using blush little to no contour- If you can't live without putting your cheekbones on fair enough, just go less heavy? I see girls walking round with a dark brown stripe half way down their faces, and i'm sorry but it just looks weird! If your contouring just remember to blend! It should be a light suggestion not a full on war paint stripe! Consider using rose and peach toned blushes, brush lightly onto the ends of you cheekbones/ apples of your cheeks! Your going for the just got back from a lovely country walk look, light and sweet- don't over do it though you don't want the I've just been on a 10 mile hike and feel like i'm about to die...

So there you go the Big 3 trends in makeup coming at you this winter! What are you waiting for? Grab your wooly hat, favorite pair of boots and work it baby! x

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