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SFX time: Trypophobia

Hey there lovelies! So this weekes blog post is going to be something different! If

The definition of Trypophobia is a claimed pathological fear of holes. This is a relatively easy look to create- All you will need is SFX wax (ie nose and scar wax, or pierce plasto wax), a tool or object that you can use to create varying sizes of holes- I used a nail dotter tool, paint brushes, artist spatula, translucent powder, vaseline, spirit gum (only necessary if you want to keep it on for a while) and finally blood and grease paints of some sort- I used the bruise wheel by Kryolan.

Step 1- Ok kiddies lets get holey- cover your fingers and whatever tool your using (in my case a spatula) in vaseline, this will stop the wax from sticking to your fingers/tool. Next roll your wax into sausages- this will heat up the wax making it more maleable and easier to move around and smooth down. Next apply these sausages to the area you want to create your look- I'm doing it on my palm, so I applied it round the edges of my palm on the more fleshy parts- using your spatula start to flatten the wax, make sure in between you re-coat you spatula with vaseline to stop it ripping out chunks of wax, this will ruin the look and you will have to start again.

I personally like to spread the wax out quite thinly, 1-2mm thick, as I feel it looks more realistic, yet it is still tick enough to create a look with depth to it. Now taking your finger and some vaseline smooth out the edges on the wax into you skin.

Step 2- Blending the wax so that it fits your skin tone. The more natural the colour the more realistic the look will be- If you're lucky like me and have pale skin the nose and scar/ pierce plasto wax will blend almost seemlessly into your skin- however if this is not the case, theres a very simple step that will do that, foundation. Simply take a bit of your everyday foundation and add it on top of the wax, I usually apply it with a sponge as this makes it blend in smoother- but its up to your preference for this. The final step of this is setting the foundation and de-shining- simply apply some translucent powder on top of the wax/foundation and dust off the excess. Et Voila you have your base for this gory look.

Step 3- Now begins the fun part, creating the holes, using whichever dotting tool you can find, after covering it in vaseline so the wax won't stick, start to pierce holes into the wax, go crazy remember to do vary si

Step 4- Now to add some depth. For this I used the dark purple colour from my kryolan bruise wheel, this adds good depth to the holes as well as looking natural. (NB if you don't have greasepaints- or this colour you can also use brown eyeshadow, this will also add depth to the holes although no to the same extent, however it will look more natural than brown paint will!)......Using a paint br

Step 5 (optional)- This step is completely up to you, the above look, does seem quite realistic and can be shown as a look on its own, however if you want to add that extra bit of gore, you can add some fake blood to the holes, I reccommend using a very light coloured blood so you can still see the purple/brown in the bottom of the holes, however I ran out of light blood so has to use my dark colour-

And there you go! Here is the finished look- head out a scare your friends, parents, other halfs....I can guarantee it will, however be careful, the blood will still be wet and the wax is soft so it can't handle too much aggressive activity, it will come off very easily!

There you go people! A very simple yet effective 5 step sfx look that will freak a lot of people out! Can't get better than that!

Hope you enjoyed this mini guide to SFX!

XOXO Christina

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