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London Fashion Weekend

(Outfit Details- Felt Jacket- OMGfashion.

Trousers- H&M

Shoes- Ted Baker

Bag- Beverly Hills Collection)

Anyone go to London fashion Weekend? Claimed to be one of the biggest pop up designer outlets/shops in the UK- with discounted prices on major brands! I mean you would be crazy to miss out on it right?! (Thats a suggestion that you definitely book tickets for next year)

Depending on the tickets you guy you can also receive an official London Fashion weekend tote bag full of goodies (although you can also buy these separately, I think they were £8) as well as a choice of going to a designer/Trend show. The LFWnd was help in the beautiful SAATCHI Gallery, over in Sloane Square. As soon as I arrived you could see the sheer volume of people, all fashionable dressed to a T. There were also style photographers lingering around taking pictures of people in the outfits they liked (not to boast but I had my picture taken by 3 different ones- although sadly I didn’t get their names as they quickly scuttled off to find their next fashionista). I was also lucky enough to be interviewed by the app Baagloo on my style- (I

’d never really thought about who I dress for or what my inspiration was, I just put things together that I thought looked good- its actually quite a difficult question to answer).

Carrying on, inside we were met with stalls selling everything from shoes, to clothes, to jewellery to makeup overs and hair styling. All very exciting for someone like me, and although I didn’t end up buying anything major, except some cute and simple jewellery from Estella Bartlett (Link Here). It was still amazing to see all of the different styles of clothing, jewellery and shoes that the different brands had created- there was such a wide variety from an amazing fluffy jumper with a Lobster on it that came from Stella Mcartney to some well quotationed makeup bags from Lola and Gilbert- lets just say it was very difficult to not want to buy a lot!

We were then called to the upstairs gallery where our allotted trend show was about to start. These were the 4 biggest trends seen on the Catwalks of LFW’16, and styled by the online shop The different trends shown were- Pop Art, Americana, Floral and New Romance- though not all of them were completely to my taste, it was very interesting to see how they came up with new ways of introducing the theme into the clothing, usually with Floral you would think of skirts, or shirts and tops, however one look that I particularly liked paired some simple leather look leggings, a white V neck shirt and some simple suede heels with a statement calf length Burnt Orange and brown jacket, with a bold white floral print appliquéd down either side. Just goes to show that though many trends are very similar from year to year, designers get more and more imaginative in the ways they show them off. Also buying one statement piece, you can pair it with different outfits, giving different looks, yet still trend specific.

So go out there my dears, find yourself that one statement piece and be a trend setter! Also definitely by tickets to the next London Fashion Weekend, even if you don’t go to the shows, the discounts are definitely worth it!

Until the Next time!

Chrissie B x

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