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Blush Tutorial

So my dears, any of you attend London Fashion Week? Weren’t the shows amazing, the clothes, the makeup *SWOON*.

I wasn’t lucky enough to go to any of the shows during the actual LFW 2016 due to other working engagements but looking at all the beautiful looks that came out of it, I wish i could have.

Now although I didn’t actually get to go, I was lucky enough to be part of the Blush video tutorial commissioned by Style LDN Magazine and produced by Haiti73 and Tas Awan. Were my friend Laurr Lethbridge-Hall interviewed Models, Designers and the Head Makeup Artists back stage as well as front row personalities, VIP and Creative.

Shows included Felder Felder, LFC and a presentation by Manuel Facchini to name a few. They were interviewed about their inspiration, how important was makeup to the show, how did they go about choosing their Head makeup artists- as well as a few others.

However my part in this came a bit later, we then had a day of filming after fashion week was over, where we wanted to show the consumer and makeup lovers how to take inspiration from the catwalk looks and how to create them, themselves at home, this was named the Blush, a video tutorial. Its a very exciting project and is now going through its final stages of editing, before being released to the to the readers of Style LDN magazine on the 11th of April- fingers crossed it will lead to similar future projects!

As soon as it becomes live I will be sure to post it on here so you guys can check it out! Would love to know what you think! In the meantime here's a link to the teaser/trailer.

Credits go to- Producer- Haiti73 Agency & Tas Awan, Director- Charnel Anoun, Assistant Director- Becca Murray, MUA- Christina Lomas, Graphics- Julia Munday, Presenter- Laurr Lethbridge-Hall, Model- Makeba (@Black Afro Queens), Music-

Until the next time lovelies!

Chrissie B x

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