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Ultimate Collections Sunglasses Review

So dears, I have to tell you about one of my newest finds, I’m a bit of a sunglasses fan and absolutely love finding new/different ones to add to my ever growing collection. My newest acquisitions came from a page on Instagram called Ultimate Collections, which are an online company selling jewellery and fashion accessories for all tastes. I headed over to their page (Link Here) and found an assortment of beautiful, and uniquely designed sunglasses (they also do beautiful jewellery), which were both reasonable and affordably priced.

Now its always a worry when buying things online, especially sunglasses, as you don’t know how they fit, shape and quality they will be! After much deciding I went for the Paris Blue shades as I loved the Cat eye Marble effect of the top part.

The Cuba Green shades, these give a more Kylie Jenner look, while not having the thick plastic rim, instead being made with metal frames and a sliver of colour changing green glass at the top.

When both arrived I was pleasantly surprised how good quality they were, they came in a cute little ultimate collections sunglasses case, the hinges on them were strong and sturdy, the fit beautifully and best of all, well they looked awesome!

Makeup tips for these glasses-

Paris Blue- With these, they are a fashion statement on their own, but pair it with a dark lip to really create an elegant, strong look, I recommend the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra lip Matte liquid lipstick in ‘Ruby Slipper’. These are definitely glasses to wear when you want to turn heads.

Cuba Green- The brow game is strong with this one (Semi Star Wars quote there..). These glasses are definitely my go to everyday glasses, they’re big and dark enough that you can stare at people without them knowing (You know we all do it), yet pairing them with a strong brow and pretty pink/light coloured lips (Honey mood by bourjois is my go to) and they all accentuate each other perfectly!

What are your favourite sunglasses? Whats your go to makeup combo’s for them?

So if you guys are looking for some killer, yet not for the bank account, stylish glasses I suggest you guys head over to their page and take a look, its not everyday you find unique and pretty things that are also reasonably priced!

Until the Next Time!

Chrissie B x

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