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My newest Beauty Favourites <3

So being a full time makeup artist, as well as a bit of a fashion lover, and an attempted beauty blogger I do tend to buy a lot of new products. Here are a couple of the top makeup and beauty items that I have acquired in the past few weeks, along with a short review of why I love them so much.

These things I am sure most of you have seen all around the different social medias as some of the best beauty products to buy:

1- Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Chocolate- This has changed my brow game forever, I am a lover of her Dip Brow Pomade and will still use it when I really want a super defined sharp brow, but the brow definer is definitely now my newest day to day brow product. At first I was sceptical, the first time using it I’m not going to lie I wasn’t a huge fan, but after warming the product up on my hand and blunting the edges it (and also working out how to properly apply it) I loved the way it looked, creating much softer, more natural brows, that still gave the wanted definition. This is something you need to play around with and get used to if you don’t usually use brow pencils but I would definitely recommend it! plus it comes with a handy spoolie brush on the other end- could you ask for more!

2- Anastasia Beverly Hills ’That Glow’ Kit- Wow, thats all I can say, Wow. This product really doesn’t need any introduction but I’ll do it anyway. Anastasia came out with her That Glow and Gleam palettes a few months ago, and they have changed the Illumination game forever! I was in Love with her previous skin illuminators but these kits kinda knock them out of the park. The colours are so pigmented, as well as absolutely gorgeous and you do not need much to give your skin that gorgeous dewy glow. (I’m not going to lie the first thing I did was almost paint my entire face in it, it is that pretty!) Look if you’re looking for a new highlighter and you want a good quality one, I cannot recommend this enough- the in your face lightness of Sunburst to the more toned down yet Bronzing- Golden Bronze, Bubbly and Dripping in Gold (warms up your face while still highlighting), you would really struggle to find something you don’t like about them!

3- Lotus Lashes High Volume Lashes in 7 & 21- Wispy, flared, soft and easy to apply. Basically all you could want out of eyelashes, made from Mink they give you the added volume and drama of a fake lash while still looking natural. One of my go to going out falsies, definitely go and check out their website (Link Here) they may be a bit pricier than your average beauty/drug store lashes but they are definitely worth the investment.

4- Colour Pop Cosmetics Lip Satin- I only recently purchased these beauties, but I’m in love already. I bought the colours Marshmallow (a pretty lilac colour) and Vice (a gorgeous Pastel Pink) and gosh am I happy I did, though they may not exactly be everyday lip colours, I could easily do so. The texture of both is so velvety and smooth both wet and dry- they both dry with a gorgeous matte finish and once it’s on, well it won’t budge. They may even rival some of the other bigger brand liquid lipsticks that I have, and they are a fraction of the price and easy to get in the UK! Definitely have a try of these, plus they come in loads of really pretty colours!

5- Mario Badescu Drying lotion- I first saw this on Kylie Jenners Snapchat Story, she unboxed it, gave it a shake and covered her (non-existent) spots in it. So being naturally curious I went and had a look at it myself, and boy am I glad I did it had some good reviews and wasn’t that expensive so I added it to my shopping cart and the rest is history. Taking it out of its box it looked a bit strange with the clear liquid at the top and the strange pink sediment at the bottom- DO NOT SHAKE THIS PRODUCT, dip your cotton bud into the pinkness at the bottom and apply. I did shake it just ended up looking kinda like pepto bismol.... However once I put it on my face I could feel it working, the next morning (I slept with it on) the spots underneath had shrunk significantly. I’ve always been plagued with continuous spots underneath my chin, but after using this product for under a week most of them had disappeared! If you get those few pesky spots that keep coming back I cannot recommend it enough!

NB- if the product starts to sting I would take it off, just to be on the safe side, it may mean you are allergic to it, Don't be a hero and weight it out, a few spots is always better than a full on allergic reaction!

Ok my lovelies, I hope you enjoyed reading this post about my new beauty favourites, as I seem to keep buying new products it will probably be a re-occuring post! Stay Amazing!

Until next time!

Chrissie-B xx

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